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  •  Tue 11 Jan 12:30 £120
  •  Tue 18 Jan 12:30  CALL
  •  Tue 25 Jan 12:30  CALL
  •  Tue 1 Feb 12:30  CALL
  •  Tue 8 Feb 12:30  CALL
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Colour and Texture with Acrylic Paint


Led by Jo Hall

With an accent on colour mixing, understanding transparency and the mediums used with acrylic paint this course is suitable for beginners and those wishing to experiment afresh with this versatile medium. We will discover the use of opaque colour, modifying colour with transparent glazes, blending colour, sgraffito and the use of different brushes and tools, referencing paintings by artists who have used colour in very different ways from the coloured greys of Morandi to the vibrant colours of Matisse and Dufy.

Please bring your own materials and equipment as outlined in the information sheet.

Tues 11 Jan - 15 Feb
12.30am - 3.30pm
£120 per 6 week course.

Click here to download the information sheet for Jo Hall's Spring sessions, including materials details.

other events you may be interested in


Inspired by Ancient Art: 1 - The Romans

Led by Jo Hall.

Be inspired to make your own compositions from details of Roman art at Pompeii and Herculaneum in watercolour and/or pastel on a textured support. We will focus mainly on wall paintings but architectural details may also form part of your composition.

A paper with a more random surface is ideal for portraying weathered and fading frescoes.

References supplied or bring your own. Hand made Indian paper or paper roughly brushed with acrylic gesso would be suitable and some Khadi paper will be available at cost. Please bring your own materials as described in the information sheet.

Sat 11 Dec 11am - 4pm


Zen Drawing (online)

Led by Amanda Schenk

Amanda Schenk is the visual artist behind Norden Farm's much-loved (and Instagrammed) glass corridor artwork in the school holidays. Join Amanda for this new drawing course, aimed at helping to create a sense of calm and relaxation through drawing patterns.

Suitable for all abilities, the workshops will focus on building confidence in your drawing abilities - concentrating on the soothing journey of the drawing experience, rather than the finished drawing.

In each session you'll explore how to produce different types of patterns in abstract drawings - looking at different designs each week.

You will need: paper (plain, no smaller than A5), lead pencil, eraser, sharpener, black fine liner or a pen. Optional is a black marker.

Tues 7 Sept – 5 Oct, Tues 12 Oct – 16 Nov (exc 26 Oct), Tues 23 Nov – 14 Dec
11am - 12.15pm (online only)
£8 per class | £28 per 4 week course | £35 per 5 week course
Suitable for ages 18+ years
Booking cut off time: 9am on the day of each session


Modern Calligraphy

Led by Stuart Maxwell

This course is designed for beginners and advanced students alike. It will cover the style of modern calligraphy and how it contrasts and compares with more formal and other cursive lettering systems. Students will first learn a basic monoline alphabet and then progress onto a more full bodied letter structure. Basic design principles and simple flourishing techniques will also be covered.

Thurs 13 Jan - 17 Feb
2pm – 4pm
£92 for the 6 weeks course

Students will need to provide their own materials.

• A William Mitchell size 2 nib, reservoir, and pen holder
• A Brause 66EF, Gillott 303, or Nikko G nib and pen holder
• Fountain pen (fine or medium nib)
• Pilot pen 3.8mm, or
• Ball point or fibre tip pen

• Ink suitable for dip pens (Pelikan 4001 is recommended) or fountain pens (Quink)/pilot pens as required
• Good cartridge paper A4 or A3
• HB pencil, ruler and eraser

Students may purchase their equipment from scribblers.co.uk


Inspired by Ancient Art 2: Ancient traces in mixed media ref John Piper

Led by Jo Hall

Paint or draw artefacts from prehistory or an ancient burial site. These may reference museum objects, cave paintings, standing stones or an ancient burial site. The focus will be on the form and texture of the objects and telling their story in mixed media. We will reference the work of John Piper using ink, watercolour, pastel and either wax crayon or oil pastel.

Please bring your own materials as detailed in the information sheet.

Sat 22 Jan
11am - 4pm


Stones and Sea Shells in Water Soluble Coloured Pencil

Led by Jo Hall

Bring any kind of water soluble coloured pencil to make either a very detailed or much looser study of sea shells, pebbles or even a fossil. We will use the pencils wet and dry, and also discover techniques to make different textures.

Full details on what to bring are in the information sheet.

Sat 12 Feb
11am - 4pm


Reflections in Pastel

Led by Jo Hall

Reflections have fascinated artists down the ages. Using the medium of pastel we will explore reflections on flat surfaces like windows. on still and ruffled waters, the distortions of reality reflected in curved surfaces like spoons and kettles, and lastly the strange world of internal reflection that occurs in small fish tanks and jars with flat sides. References will be available but you are encouraged to bring your own.

Please bring your own materials as described in the information sheet.

Tues 1 Mar - 5 Apr
12.30pm - 3.30pm
£120 per 6 week course.


Landscape drawing with tinted graphite and/ or tinted charcoal

Led by Jo Hall

Dramatic landscape drawings can be achieved with the muted colours of coloured graphite and \ or tinted charcoal. This workshop is suitable for anyone who has coloured graphite or charcoals in stick, pencil or pan form and would like to start or continue exploring various techniques with them, including dry and also wet techniques.

Full details of materials, equipment and paper are in the information sheet

Sat 12 Mar
11am - 4pm


Creative Arts Social Club (online)

Led by professional artists Amelia Pimlott and Caroline Crawford.

Our sociable group for over 65s who want to make art, but just aren’t doing it right now - goes online!

Professional artist Amelia Pimlott leads this creative community with visual artist Caroline Crawford. Explore your arty side, grow in creative confidence, and meet new people!

5-week blocks run via Zoom with additional ideas for activities to do during the week.

Mon 16 Aug - Mon 13 Sept, Mon 27 Sept - Mon 25 Oct, Mon 8 Nov - Mon 6 Dec
10.30am – 12.30pm
£75 per 5 week term + materials (list below)

Mon 16 Aug - Mon 13 Sept: Loose painting style

Led by Caroline Crawford

We look at loose painting style, with a selection of subjects starting with a fun fashion figure painting project in inks. We will cover varied subjects including the still life, landscapes and a botanical study and explore techniques including colour blending and application and mixed media.

Mon 27 Sept - Mon 25 Oct: Indian Sculpture

Led by Amelia Pimlott

Using air drying clay, we will model figures, faces, animals and decorative elements inspired by Indian Sculpture both in relief and 3 dimensional form.

Mon 8 Nov - Mon 6 Dec: Texture

Led by Caroline Crawford

With a focus on texture we will explore different aspects of drawing and painting including proportion, one point perspective, watercolour and mixed media. Subjects will include animal portraits, a Robin study and a sunrise.

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