Miki Quotes

'A magical story well suited to younger children with their abundance of imagination... a very charming performance with bundles of enthusiasm' Marlow FM

'Miki's personal frozen planet is an enchanting place, full of love and friendship, that I hope will prove as popular and become a classic Christmas show' Maidenhead Advertiser

'Young audiences alternate between giggling with delight and total transfixion. .. Miki is fun, fresh and emphasises the importance of friendship' The Stage

Audience Feedback:

'The most exquisite and delightful thing I have ever seen!'

'Watching Miki with my little boy today was one of the most magical experiences I have shared with him since he has been born… My little boy's eyes was glued to the stage and he laughed out loud, focused and in awe. When the curtains closed he cried and cried because it was the end'

'My great niece, Ruby, absolutely loved it and we sat still in our seats for a while at the end and she just kept saying:"I want to see it again, I want to see it again'

about 11 hours ago 'The dramatist and poet tells the tale of his tortuous path to the UK from Nigeria with passion and humour' ★★★★ The Guardian Inua Ellams brings his ridiculous, fantastic and poignant immigrant-story to our Studio tonight at 7.30pm --> http://bit.ly/2yGA3z6

about 14 hours ago RT @FuelTheatre: Tonight! @InuaEllams arrives in Maidenhead with his award winning show #AnEveningWithAnImmigrant @nordenfarm for one night…

about 15 hours ago We love this snap of the wonderful @slotmachineahoy team ahead of the first performance of Miki today! ❄️ https://t.co/QaDqGHt4uH

about 15 hours ago RT @housetheatre: We are heading over to Maidenhead tonight, to see @InuaEllams and #Evening With an Immigrant. It's @nordenfarm as part of…

1 day ago Do not be Superstitious? THE TOTAL WHO SHOW 13th January 2018 Buy a ticket....I dare you x You Better You Better You Bet x https://norden.farm/whatson/2018-01-13

1 day ago Our Christmas show Miki opens tomorrow! Penguin has been busy settling into his dressing room ahead of his first performance... Catch performances twice daily until Saturday 30 December. More info and tickets here --> http://bit.ly/MikiChristmas Slot Machine Theatre

1 day ago 'Visually stunning and philosophically profound' ★★★★★ The Guardian Our final screening of spectacular sci-fi sequel Blade Runner is this Tuesday 21 November at 8pm --> http://bit.ly/2zTOuja Find out why Mark Kermode thinks it's a future classic in the review below...

1 day ago After a fab first weekend of lantern making ahead of Norden Farm's Annual Community Lantern Parade we haven't slowed down on this miserable Monday morning!! Each year we work with a number of community groups and today our SocialArts group have been busy creating a skulk of foxes to join the parade! Same Sky Maidenhead Advertiser Enjoy Maidenhead RBWM

1 day ago RT @MaidenheadAds: Lantern making workshops begin ahead of annual @nordenfarm parade https://t.co/wTlWeBDvBH

1 day ago RT @TheRealMawkin: Last 17 tickets going for our gig on Wednesday! @nordenfarm https://t.co/PjTqCg4WkX