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A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)

Presented by Silent Uproar.

A hilarious cabaret musical about depression that explains, sings and throws glitter about how it’s OK not to be OK. Sally’s a happy person. She doesn’t let little things get her down and she almost never cries. But she’s got an illness. It makes her feel like she isn’t the person she wants to be, but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

It’s joyful, buoyant, gleeful, slightly silly, sugar coated, unrelenting and completely super happy! (Except for all the bits about depression).

Written by Jon Brittain (Olivier Award-winning Rotterdam), with music by Frisky and Mannish’s Matthew Floyd Jones. Winner of a 2017 Fringe First and the Musical Theatre Review Best Musical.

Suitable for ages 14+ years.

WHY? ‘A mix of wit and low-key emotion that suddenly grips your heart’ The Guardian

★★★★ WhatsOnStage | ★★★★★ British Theatre Guide | ★★★★ The Scotsman

Click here to read the full review

£14 (£12 Advantage Card)
1 hour


Silent Uproar's Website


James and Black

Bruce James and Bella Black joined musical forces in Austin, Texas.

The roots of their music spring from the tradition of the Southern Soul from Texas, New Orleans and Memphis, yet they are no throwback. The foundation of James & Black is the voices and stories in their songs. They are joined by Sam Kelly (drums) and Richard Sadler (bass).

WHY? This is the American duo’s first UK tour

£14 (£12 Supporters)

James and Black's Website


Princess Charming

Some girls like football. Some boys like pink. Everyone likes a good story. Exploring gender stereotypes in a fun, questioning way, Princess Charming is a celebration of being exactly who you are.

This show is for anyone who doesn’t like being told what to do and is about finding the courage to defy expectations.

Cabaret performers explore what really matters about being a boy and being a girl with dances, songs and skits created with children, for children.

The theatre is transformed into a family friendly cabaret club full of laughter and sing-a-longs. Join in at the end as the next generation of cabaret stars take over the stage.

Recommended for ages 6 – 11 years.

WHY? ‘Pertinent and powerful, but most of all it’s extremely fun! Princess Charming teaches kids (and adults) that they can just be themselves’ A Younger Theatre

‘A hilarious, touching and truthful performance with a powerful, important message’ ★★★★ Female Arts

‘An absolute gem of a show. Exploring gender stereotypes using the very clever medium of a cabaret.. it is entertaining, informative (though never preachy) and vitally, incredibly relevant’ ★★★★★ WestEnd Wilma

Click here to read the full review

Presented by Spun Glass Theatre

£10 (£8 under 16s)
Family and Friends (4 people) £32

Tickets/seats are not required for children under 18 months who are happy to sit on laps.


The Muddy Choir

Written by Jesse Briton

“Nee killing, anly singing, and we all go home together.”

It is November 1917 and the Third Battle of Ypres is lurching towards its bloody conclusion. Young soldiers Will, Robbie and Jumbo are thrust into a landscape starkly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland home.

United by their childhood oath “nee killing, anly singing”, Robbie dreams their music will be a ticket away from the front, but attracting the attention of their commanding officers may prove more dangerous than bullets and gas.

Nominated for Best Play for Young Audiences at the Writers Guild of Great Britain Awards 2015, The Muddy Choir tells the story of three soldiers serving with the Durham Light Infantry. Including traditional wartime songs, it is a play about childhood friends growing up in unbearable circumstances and the humanising power of music.

WHY? 'A sensitive memorial to a generation of young men' ★★★★ The Stage

Click here to read the full review

Suitable for ages 13+ years.

Presented by Theatre Centre

Courtyard Theatre
£15 (£13 conc)



Cliff Richard Live: 60th Anniversary Tour

150 mins

Britain’s ultimate pop star, Cliff Richard is celebrating 60 years in the music industry and he wants to invite you to the most fabulous big screen party of the year! His incredible energy and passion on stage will sweep you off your feet and be sure to have you swaying in the aisles.

WHY? With a repertoire featuring six decades of such timeless hits as Devil Woman, Congratulations or We Don’t Talk Anymore



Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage

An intimate show of American roots and English folk music.

Hannah and Ben perform huddled round a single microphone, singing intimate duets with just mountain dulcimer, dobro and guitar. They are a folk duo that look and sound classically timeless, yet feel refreshingly unique.

WHY? ‘An exquisite soundscape, which is the result of passion, precision and unbridled intimacy’ R2 Magazine



Hannah and Ben's Website


An Enemy of the People

Ibsen’s masterpiece is adapted for the 21st century.

Having rejuvenated the fortunes of a crumbling town, eminent doctor Tamsin Stockmann expects to be hailed as its saviour once again when she exposes a major public health risk. But the town’s prosperity hangs in the balance and opposition grows. Will she be lauded as hero of the hour or will Dr Stockmann be declared an enemy of the people?

Flintock Theatre employ their signature high-energy storytelling, music and live digital interaction.

WHY? A searing examination of fake news, whistleblowing and who really wields power in contemporary Britain

Recommended for ages 14+ years.

Presented by Flintlock Theatre

Courtyard Theatre



The Musicians of Bremen

A visually stunning adaptation of the Grimm’s fairy tale.

A donkey, a cat, a cockerel and a dog are too old to be of any use to their masters. In this tumbling, musical adventure follow their adventures and their extraordinary friendships. It shows that despite our differences, we can be friends, and that we are never too old to live our dreams. With puppetry, movement and trapeze, all accompanied by live music.

Age guidance: 3 – 7 years.

WHY? A highly visual show and non-verbal work for young and hearing impaired audiences

Presented by Compagnie Animotion

Courtyard Theatre
£10 (£8 under 16s), Family & Friends (4 people) £32



Meet Agnes, Anne and Betty. They make bombs.

An air raid strikes sending them on a TNT-fuelled journey through euphoric emancipation, forbidden friendship and anarchic dreams. A rare insight into life during the First World War from the unique perspective of Britain’s munitions workers.

WHY? A thrilling physical tragi-comedy commemorating the lives of the 'Canary Girls' and based on true stories

Suitable for ages 12+ years.

Presented by Fun in the Oven Theatre


This tour is produced in association with Carole W Productions with the generous support of Arts Council England and Sunday for Sammy, and with the partnership of the Royal British Legion's #thankyou100 campaign.

about 1 hour ago Strange things are happening at the Farm this week as The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde heads to our Studio on Thursday 27 September at 7.30pm --> http://bit.ly/DrJekyllandHyde ‘Done in fine style… A good, vivid, popular version of a great story, told with notable passion’ The Scotsman

about 3 hours ago Five-star show A Super Happy Story (About Felling Super Sad) heads to Maidenhead tomorrow! Silent Uproar have just released this brand new trailer to get everyone in the mood for some super happy cabaret! Catch Sally’s story this Tuesday 25 September at 7.30pm --> https://norden.farm/events/a-super-happy-story-about-feeling-super-sad

about 4 hours ago Theatre Centre return to our stage with The Muddy Choir on Wednesday 3 November 7.30pm --> http://bit.ly/Muddy181003 The play tells the story of three young soldiers in the First World War - Will, Robbie and Jumbo. The childhood friends are thrust into a landscape starkly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland home. Actor Ben Walford tells us all about play and the challenges of playing the character Jumbo...

about 11 hours ago Fancy a spot of lunch? Want to find somewhere friendly and inviting to have a coffee and read the paper? Why not tr… https://t.co/uygqcS0MvV

about 11 hours ago Fancy a spot of lunch? Want to find somewhere friendly and inviting to have a coffee and read the paper? Why not try our Café Bar? It’s open seven days a week! ️ ☕☕

about 11 hours ago RT @TCLive: In or near Maidenhead? Don't miss #TheMuddyChoir @nordenfarm Wed 3 Oct 7.30pm. Including traditional wartime songs, the play is…

about 11 hours ago RT @ConcertiniUK: The early bird catches the worm @nordenfarm @dawkesmusic @ankleberkshire @BMaestros @ChilternMA @BucksMusicTrust #live…

about 13 hours ago @InspectorWine @GreggAWallace Thank you - glad you enjoyed the show!

about 13 hours ago Professional artist Amanda Schenk leads this creative community. Play with materials, go on art adventures and expl… https://t.co/womBCWOIpz

about 13 hours ago Professional artist Amanda Schenk leads this creative community. Play with materials, go on art adventures and explore your arty side. You’ll grow in creative confidence, meet new people and have fun getting playful with a range of art techniques. Sessions run Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm – 9pm, from Tuesday 2 October. More info and ticket here --> https://norden.farm/events/creative-arts-social-club